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Updated Sep 10 2018 09:09 am

Here are some of the questions customers might have:

How is shipping cost calculated?

Getting free shipping depends on the location and whether we are offering the package. To find out how much shipping to your area might cost, just scroll to the footer and click on the Delivery options. Enter the total amount of items you might purchase and the estimated weight. The cost for shipping to various locations will be listed. If your area is not listed, then you may have to call us to arrange how you shall pick up your order.

What device do I need to shop here?

You can shop with a computer, tablet or phone running a standard web browser. You need to enable cookies, javascript  and images for the best experience. Google Chrome browser is a great choice. If you are using Opera mini, please make sure you scroll to your browser settings to set data savings to High or turned off. Setting it to extreme or automatic might disable some functionalities.

Can I cancel an invoice after generating it?

Yes, when payment options for an invoice are displayed, the option for cancellation is always the last, as long as the invoice has not been paid for.  Please avoid generating invoice you have no intention to make payment for. You can get the estimated price of any item and shipping cost even before generating an invoice.

How do I make payment?

We have several payment methods and are adding more to the list. Simply add products to your shopping cart, then proceed to checkout. When you are about to checkout, select the payment option most convenient for you. You can use Mastercard/Visa card through VoguePay, Bitcoin Wallet Address, Direct Bank Deposit/Transfer and Account Payment if you have funds in your account.

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