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Delivery/Shipping Options Available and Cost Available

If shipping is enabled for the items you purchased and any of the regions listed below covers your area, then the shipping cost is calculated according to the formular here. Just assume the total cost the items you are purchasing and total weight in grammes. Scroll down for more.
Calculation based on amount ₦100,000.00 and weight 1000g
Price Total Amount of items purchased in ₦
Do not add VAT or shipping cost here. We shall calculate the shipping price for different regions with any amount you enter here
Weight Total Weight in grammes of items purchased
Volumetric weight might not be the actual weight of the item but the perfect for calculating shipping cost because some light items may occupy bigger spaces. Find weight of any product on its page specifications. 1kg = 1000g
Enugu 24hrs Maximum
We deliver to the Enugu Metropolis. We don not deliver to villages, but only the city.
Learn How you are billed
Cost of Delivery Free
Total for Invoice ₦100,000.00
Lagos 7 Days
This only serves people located in the city of Lagos
Learn How you are billed
Cost of Delivery Free
Total for Invoice ₦100,000.00
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